Defect Software

As part of pipeline operators on-going maintenance plans, pipelines are periodically inspected using in-line inspection tools (ILI), above ground surveys and direct non-destructive examination (NDE). The purpose of the periodic inspection is to identify any deterioration in the condition of the pipeline which may have occurred through the introduction of defects such as corrosion or growth of planar defects due to cyclic loadings.


Once deterioration has been identified, the operator is required to determine the significance of the defects for the current pressure and their possible future growth. To assess the significance of defects, a variety of assessment techniques exist, the most applicable is dependent on the type of defect and the level of detail required. The level of detail will vary depending on the complexity of the defect, loadings and the ease with which the defect can be repaired.

At AFAA we have developed fitness-for-service (FFS) assessment software that can assess the following types of defects:

Software Video Demonstrations
Video demonstration of some of the modules contained within the defect assessment software.

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